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About Our logo

Kipnes Family Law and Mediation has an anchor logo for a few reasons. 

  1. Karen hopes to anchor her clients during a time that might otherwise be filled with turmoil. She believes it’s important to stay grounded, even if you need help to stabilize. Karen has always loved the anchor symbol because it represents stability and support.
  2. When you look at an anchor you may be reminded of the Ocean. During the divorce process, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or like you are drowning. Karen aspires to be an anchor to the couples she works with. She will help to keep you focused and stable.
  3. Anchors make Karen smile and she hopes her logo does the same for you.

Karen D. Kipnes

Collaborative Attorney & Certified Mediator

Member of the 9th Circuit Roster of Court Appointed Mediators 
(347) 919-3630