• Karen is a successful litigator-turned-mediator/collaborative lawyer and knows that these alternatives to litigation are better for all involved 

  • Karen is a prior child protective attorney and she will make sure your children are protected

  • Quicker process- you decide the schedule, not the court

  • Mediation and collaborative law are less expensive than litigation 
  • Privacy:  you are not in a public courtroom
  • Individualized process: you decide what is right for your family
  • Power-in your hands, not the court system
  • Less stress than a litigated case 



     I am an experienced litigation attorney who now  focuses my practice on Collaborative Law and Mediation. If you are here, you are likely contemplating separation or divorce and are not sure where to turn next and how to get answers to all the questions in your life that seem confusing right now. I understand what a difficult time this is, and I will do everything in my power to make this experience as easy, fair, inexpensive, and positive as possible for you and your family. There is happiness waiting for you on the other side of this process and I intend to get you there. I understand how stressful and challenging the end of a marriage can be, and I am committed to helping you and your family find the best solution to the coming changes.

     Collaborative Law Practice and Mediation differ from litigation in that the  processes support and empower families to come up with personalized solutions to their conflicts. I will help you navigate all the issues that separation and divorce present and, together, we will develop a plan that works for your family. Unlike litigation, in both Collaborative Law and Mediation there are no “winners” and “losers” and the processes are not intended to pit family members against each other. Together, we will find compromises that ensure every family member is well cared for and protected. It is my hope that all involved find it to be an empowering and positive experience.

We serve clients anywhere in New York & Connecticut

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      I am particularly sensitive to the changing needs of the entire family, particularly children. I began my higher education as a Human Development and Family Studies major while an undergraduate at Cornell University. Before my career as a private practice divorce attorney, I served as a child specialist in the Child Abuse Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and then as an attorney in the Juvenile Rights Division of the Legal Aid Society, where I represented children on abuse and neglect cases in family court i.e. "law guardian." My background makes me uniquely qualified to best assist mediating families in developing parenting arrangements that fully meet the needs of children.

     I truly believe that court is NOT the place to solve family disputes. My job as, either, your Collaborative Attorney or Mediator is to help you create solutions that will work well with your particular family. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your relationships instead of shredding them apart. It is my hope that you might even find the process cathartic.

     As an attorney, I can draft the binding legal document that reflects all terms we have agreed on during Mediation and I have the legal ability to help you finalize your divorce. I can guide you through this process from beginning to end and I will be there to support you every step of the way.

Mediation and Collaborative Law are peaceful, affordable, and healthier ways to a happier future.

Karen D. Kipnes

Collaborative Attorney & Certified Mediator

Member of the 9th Circuit Roster of Court Appointed Mediators 
(347) 919-3630